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Employee Resources section is for access to various Company Forms, Training, Quality, and Safety Resources for contract and corporate report function support.

Document End Use Agreement

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  • I understand my use of BSG Electronic Communications Systems, to include those provided by the government, constitutes my consent to all terms and conditions of that policy.
  • I understand Electronic Communications Systems and all information created by, received from, or stored in those systems are the property of BSG and/or the government; the systems are to be used only for BSG or government related business purposes and not personal purposes; I have no expectation of privacy in connection with the use of Electronic Communications Systems or with the transmission, receipt, or storage of information in those systems.
  • I agree not to use a code, access a file, or retrieve stored communications unless authorized.
  • I acknowledge and consent to BSG and/or government monitoring my use of Electronic Communications Systems at anytime without discretion, including listening to or reading all E-mails and/or Voice-Mails entering, leaving, or stored, as well as files contained within those Electronic Communications Systems.
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